Company Profile

The company PERON SPEED INTERNATIONAL has been operating for more than 30 years in the design and construction of high-speed electrospindles for milling, turning, drilling and grinding operations. The technical evolution of the entire range of products as listed below allows us to provide high-tech products with high performance applied on vertical-horizontal machining centers, 5-axis centers, grinding, transfers, special machines, robots. They are built in cylindrical or rectangular shape to be combined with bi-rotary or tilting heads and equipped with asynchronous or synchronous motors according to the application requested by the customer.

In addition to the construction of new electrospindles, we also carry out the repair of any spindle and electrospindle of other brands where, if we deem it necessary basing on our experience, we apply structural changes to increase precision and reliability and to obtain balancing values ​​closer to our standard (G 0.4 also for large electrospindles). For this sector we have specialized technicians who go to the customer to analyze the damage, bring the electrospindle to our seat for repair and testing (with the same procedure as new products), followed by eventual delivery and re-installation in the machine at the end customer’s with an operational test.


Massimiliano and Giacomo Peron

Sede operativa:
Via Goretta,19 - 13046 Livorno Ferraris (VC)
P.IVA: 02554250023 - Codice Fiscale: 02554250023
Tel. +39 0161 433827 - Fax +39 0161 431425