It is well known that when an electrospindle/spindle gets damaged, the consequent machine tool stop creates serious problems causing losses both of production and of image.

Our target is the considerable reduction of this time, putting at disposition of our customers seriousness and competence of our staff, well-equipped machine tools department and considerable technical facilities used to produce our high performance electrospindles.

Thanks to all above,  we achieve our reliability goal being able to supply the repaired spindles with a 12 months warranty

Being an Electrospindle/Spindle maker, we also repair a significant amount of them coming from all over the world. We frequently perform technical modification on repaired items to increase their performance and lifetime optimizing them for specific applications for higher customers' satisfaction. Your spindle will come with a complete test report and vibration analysis report. We keep this information in our database for future reference. 

Please note that on customer’s request, our technicians are able to disassemble and reassemble the spindle on the machine tool where it is installed.

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